Beverage industries have too much political influence

I saw the huge ad in the Sunpapers on April 25 paid for by the American Beverage Association. Once again, Marylanders are provided with evidence of how loud and strong the Beverage lobby and the liquor lobby is in this town. During this time of economy worries for big cities, the lobby for beverages and liquor can throw their ample power and money around to their benefit. They fought so that Maryland has the lowest liquor taxes in the US and the same since the 1950s! They lobbied to keep Marylanders from ordering wine through the internet and now they are fighting with all their might to stop the increase in the beverage tax. It is just remarkable how much money they can throw around to influence our elected officials to vote in their favor.

When will Marylanders stop bending to the will of the beverage and liquor lobbies and start voting for what is good for all Marylanders and for Baltimore City?

Geri J. Schlenoff, Towson

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