Proud of an obstructionist Republican Party

Dale Swecker, Ellicott City seems very upset that the Republicans keep saying this awful word, no. I love the wonderful one sided arguments he presents, and how if we could only work in a bipartisan all will be well. Mr. Swecker during the recent Health Care debacle the only effort toward bipartisanship was by the side that said no. If you remember plenty of Democrats lined up to vote against (oh my they said no) this nightmare.

Are conservatives the party of obstructionists right now, yes they are and I am proud of them for it. I am glad they finally got brave and told the president that he cannot keep spending us into deeper and deeper debt. My dream is they will continue to do it when it comes to cap and tax, the promotion of an illegal immigration bill and all the other wonderful socialist programs President Obama plans to try and push, even though those nasty citizens, who do not know what they really need and want, are against it.

Also Sir may I add that your assertion that the republicans are the party of corporate pawns is hard to swallow when the so beloved Dems have Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and Mr. Goldman Sachs big donation man President Obama himself. Mr. Swecker if you were honest (and not blind liberally) you would see that both sides of the aisle have been bought by the corporation. Hey maybe this is a sign of the bipartisanship you are so anxious to see!

Now we are faced with the situation where the Supreme Court will be in need of a new justice. Already we have heard from President Obama that he is interested in a person who will show the proper empathy when they become the new Justice. I would like to whole heartily encourage the conservatives to keep saying NO, until President Obama makes the mistake of nominating someone who actually believes in the constitution is the basis for law in this country.

Brian King, Fallston

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