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Ban on cell phone use while driving won’t make us safer

After reading what The Sun considers good and bad of the 2010 legislative session ("The good and bad," April 18) I had to respond.

The legislature did the citizens of Maryland a disservice and showed its willingness to ensure the survivability of certain hands-free device makers by passing the cell phone law.

What about CBs and police radios? Anything can be a distraction, and if truth be told, eating, not paying attention to driving, rubbernecking all can be distractions, yet none of these are to be subject to fines.

The General Assembly of Maryland as well as Governor O'Malley (whom I will not be voting for) want to make sure we pay even more for having a cell phone. They do not really care about safety, only the money they can bring to the state on the backs of the citizens. I for one will vote against each person in my district who voted for this law.

Stanley Mason, Joppa

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