Cardin oversteps on carry-on luggage

This week one airline has decided to charge for carry-on baggage. Senator Benjamin Cardin said he was "appalled" and decided to introduce a bill that would halt any airline from charging for carry-on baggage.

My question is why? Why does he feel he has the right to introduce a bill that would restrict a private company from charging a fee for a service they offer? If we as consumers do not wish to pay to carry our baggage onto a plane, we can choose another airline to travel on. If we choose to fly on that airline, then we are choosing to pay that fee. That is what competition and the free market is all about.

I am appalled that an elected official would even think of restricting a company's conduct of business in a subject such as this. I contacted Senator Cardin's office on this subject via phone and e-mail. When speaking to his staffer the only thing he could do was stutter over trying to defend this and then asked what if a person has a child? I don't think anyone plans on stuffing their child into the overhead storage, so I am not sure what that reply had to do with anything. I asked to be contacted by Senator Cardin on this subject, and like any other time I have contacted my Senators I am still awaiting a reply.

Kenneth J. Mercer, Westminster

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