Balto. Co. budget is sensible, not boring

I read with interest your recent editorial, "Is boring better?" (April 16), which commended Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith Jr. and his team for their fiscal prudence during the past eight years. While I agree with your overall viewpoint, I would not describe fiscal prudence as being merely "boring" but rather as simply being a sensible approach to governing.

The county's relative financial stability is a testament to the notion that the best functioning government is one that targets the most important priorities and funds them at levels to get the best results. This is exactly what Jim Smith has done over his two terms: focused on strategic investments in infrastructure and local redevelopment, while not adding a host of new programs in areas where the county did not have any record of achievement.

In these times when many people feel negative about "the government," perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from Baltimore County. When elected officials set sensible priorities for progress, they can indeed foster a better quality of life for the people at large.

Jeffrey Smith, Nottingham

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