Tea party scares the liberal media

It's simply ridiculous for Jack Kinstlinger to suggest that he was turned off to the Tea Party movement after attending one event ("Tea party tries to sound reasonable," Readers respond, April 15). I've read many of Mr. Kinstlinger's letters in the past; he is a devout tax and spend liberal, and it's incomprehensible that he would go to a tea party rally with an open mind.

Also telling is the knee-jerk liberal reaction displayed by Mr. Kinstlinger when he likens the tea party movement to the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan nation. As anyone in politics knows, accusations of racism are the last refuge of those who are desperate, scared and unethical, and almost exclusively levied by those on the political left.

I'm not a member of the tea party, and I don't plan to be. But I do know that no other third party ever got this much attention from the liberal media, including the Green Party or the Reform Party. That tells me that in fact the tea party movement is real and is scaring the pants off some people.

Letter's like Mr. Kinstlinger's are not to be taken seriously, but the fact that after so many years backwards-thinking, leftists are still trying to divide this nation across ethnic lines is worrisome, as is the fact that for whatever reason liberals often appear cognitively unequipped to engage in a battle of ideas and so quickly resort to name-calling and false accusations.

An overwhelming majority of American's oppose Obamacare and large federal deficits. Everyone knows somebody who opposes Obamacare and out of control spending. I would refer Mr. Kinstlinger to the Gallup poll disseminated on April 5, titled "Tea partiers are fairly mainstream in their demographics". The tea party movement clearly draws from across the political spectrum. If they were really a fringe group, as some in the media like to pretend them to be, everyone would be ignoring them, and Mr. Kinstlinger wouldn't be calling them names.

That's clearly not the case.

Americans who oppose Obamacare are not racist, nor are they similar to the KKK. Americans who are against passing their bills along to their children are not skinheads or Aryan Nation sympathizers. There is, however, about 25 percent of Americans who see everything in terms of black and white, who inflame racial tensions every chance they get, and who falsely accuse in the most horrible way Americans who are doing nothing more than expressing their First Amendment right to protest. And those 25 percent, Mr. Kinstlinger, are liberals like yourself who need to learn to behave better.

Michael DeCicco, Severn

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