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Democrats must go it alone

We cannot stop the Republicans from hating our president and wanting him to fail. After all, they are sore losers and want to gain political clout by clearly being the "party of no," thinking that this is how they are going to win back favor with the American people. Not so. What these Republicans are doing is showing that they hate Americans and want to see our country fail, not just our president. The constant tirades from the GOP officiates, and the continued obstruction of genuine reform, appointments and necessary programs (some of which were enthusiastically approved of by them during the Bush years), has put this country in an extreme partisan gridlock and has prevented the most necessary of social reforms to take place.

It is as though the Republicans do not even understand what their constituents want, nor care to know. They are not listening as most Americans are telling them that they need jobs, they need unemployment extensions until they get these jobs, they need medical care and the ability to pay for it through comprehensive medical reform which includes a public option; the list is endless, the American people are struggling, yet, Congress, which is supposed to work on behalf of their constituents, and whose members are elected to "serve" the American people, have become so extremely partisan due to group of senators and representatives who would rather make a dastardly statement than to support our president, the one elected by an American people who want our country to move in a better direction. I have that right to see things improve. We have voted for that opportunity.

Tom Coburn, a Republican senator from Oklahoma is just one example of a truly clueless official who would rather see our country fail. We owe him our gratitude for making sure the unemployment benefits extension did not get voted on. One person in a country of 300 million people can decide the fate of hundreds of thousands of American citizens because this one person thinks our country should not be spending any more money, for any reason. Simply amazing. Perhaps the senator and the rest of the party of no should give back their own salaries and their own "public option" medical insurance and their pensions since they clearly are not doing their jobs and working on behalf of the country. This is spending our country can certainly do without.

What President Obama and the rest of the Democrats, people who are tirelessly making every effort to bring this country back into solvency, should realize is that they have to go it alone. The Republicans are thinking only of themselves and their political party; it is not their intention to make things better but only to see a popular leader fail miserably. We must not let that happen.

Barbara McNamara, Joppa

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