Howard needs better councilmen

The Howard County Council, in approving the general plan amendment to allow the old Carroll Plantation at Doughoregan Manor public water and sewer ("Howard council OKs water, sewer extension to Doughoregan homes," April 6) does not come as a surprise, but some of their reasoning in doing so does.

Several times during their vote, council members made the point that they were voting in favor of the amendment "to let the process continue." It has become apparent to the neighbors that the council doesn't understand the process or the role of the developers rights and responsibilities agreement (DRRA) they place such faith in to make things better. Their attempts to get answers to questions, particularly on the sewage issue, have led to more confusion than clarity. One would think a rational person would (at the very least) want to understand the process and have their questions answered before they would let it continue.

But in Howard County, they choose to put the unanswered questions aside and charge ahead. And, of course, they make sure that the final answers on the tough questions they've thrown into the magic DRRA box don't have to get decided for 215 days, well after the November elections. We should expect more from our elected representatives, and if they can't provide it, they should be shown the door.

Tom Lockard, Ellicott City

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