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Church should change how it selects the pope

It saddens me to watch the erosion and deterioration of the Roman Catholic Church. It seems that Pope Benedict has backed himself into a corner from which there is much uncomfortable squirming. Unfortunately, there is little wiggle room.

Wouldn't it behoove the Catholic Church to radically change the election process of the pope? The current pope seemingly has such a weak grasp of reality; it's very frightening to think he is the spiritual leader of millions who adhere to his every word. It seems this pontiff has a world-view with blinders obviously in place. There are issues regarding cover-ups of pedophilia linked to Catholic priests that are either directly or indirectly linked to Pope Benedict. Why should priests be subjected to a different set of laws and so-called punishment as it pertains to sexual abuse?

When will the Catholic Church thrust itself into the new millennium and give its consent to the marriage of priests? Wouldn't that be the panacea to many of the church issues regarding sexual abuse of young males by priests?

There are so many issues and roadblocks that the church must confront, and soon. I say they start at the Vatican and take a serious look at the current election process of the pontiff.

The purest water supposedly trickles from the very top of the mountain. It's high time for some serious changes in the Roman Catholic Church.

Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore

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