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Handling of Gansler impeachment vote a travesty

The dismissal by the House of Delegates' Democratic leadership of Del. Don Dwyer's motion for a full floor vote on the impeachment of Attorney General Douglas Gansler marks a monumental departure from the law of the land: the Maryland Constitution ("Impeachment effort rejected, April 1).

The events that transpired undermine the Maryland Constitution, which the delegates have taken an oath to uphold. The subversive tactics employed by the elected officials are unprecedented and, more to the point, unconstitutional. The very foundation of our society is being systematically dismantled. Ultimately, the real losers today are the people.

Mr. Gansler is nothing more than a scapegoat for the real issue at hand: the legislature's failure to resolve the issue of homosexual marriage. Their complacency is a disgrace to the institution; it is the elected officials who have stood in the way of a vote on this issue who should be facing articles of impeachment. They have failed to perform their duty and have willfully neglected their obligation to represent the peoples of Maryland.

Joshua P. Shumway, Pasadena

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