Time for Judge Russell to retire

These elected, appointed and hired employees of this state, county,or city all have a duty to the citizens of this state. Maybe Judge G. Darrell Russell Jr. should have read the case before making any decisions and would think that doing so would be good practice knowing the case was about domestic violence ("Judge defends his actions in marrying couple in assault case," March 31).

It is outrageous to know that this judge made his decision because of his Catholic faith. Since when does religion enter into giving any felon some prison time or being fined for their actions taken upon others? It's time for him to retire. We need people on the bench to uphold the laws and to make these decisions accordingly. The punishment must fit the crime, and it is his duty to see that any person harming others pays the consequences, and nowhere does the Catholic faith enter into any such decisions.

Janet Keplinger

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