Don't pass pension costs on to counties

No! No! No! Its wrong, very wrong for the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee to even consider passing on half of the cost of teacher pension funding to the counties and Baltimore City. ("Finally, a plan for pensions," March 23).

The Sun's editorial takes cheap shots at the teachers' pension system, calling it "foolish," while referring to the proposed change as "turning a lump of coal into a diamond." This idea is no diamond. It's a fake zircon that will glitter until November when all those who vote for it will be tossed out of office.

What's more, forcing half of the teacher pension funding into the counties and Baltimore City will increase the local property taxes. The smaller, less affluent counties and the city will suffer under this ludicrous plan.

Let the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee beware of this ill-advised plan. It has no merit or substance to it.

David Boyd, White Hall

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