Gibbons is a success; why close it?

My plea to save Cardianl not about sentiment; this is about a school that is successful. Struggling financially is not about success. Aren't we all struggling financially?

Cardinal Gibbons School takes in boys, wild and excited about the freedoms of adulthood, and produces men, men who are disciples of Christ. The soccer coach preaches brotherhood to them. The lacrosse coach teaches them that God and family come first. The math teacher models service to the community and dedication to God by serving as the deacon at Gibbons and at St. Agnes Church. The vice-principal/math teacher shows the young men how you can have fun and still complete your assignments, behave with decorum and be a Christian man. All the teachers show the men dedication and how to treat others. The parents show their children the value of volunteerism and loyalty.

We are not failing; we are succeeding.

But this is about the spirit of the living God. You can feel the Holy Spirit when you visit Cardinal Gibbons School. I believe that is why the school is so successful. The teachers and the students who attend are actively supported by the presence of God, and they allow God to lead their actions, lead them to success.

My question for Archbishop Edwin O'Brien is: What did God tell you? What was God's advice when you chose to close Cardinal Gibbons High School? Do we really want to close the doors of a place where God lives and breathes the spirit of Christ into the students it serves? Does God?

Susanna Twigg

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