Would Ehrlich have said no to Iraq trip?

Former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s criticism about Gov. Martin O'Malley visiting troops in Iraq during the General Assembly session was out of line and simply nitpicking ("Lt. Gov. Brown defends O'Malley's trip to Iraq," Mar. 2). He left on a Thursday and returned on Monday morning. Friday was the only legislative day in Annapolis that he missed, and no doubt the lawmakers quit early to go home. It means he did not miss anything, and the lieutenant governor was on hand.

The Governor did not fly on Pan Am with stewardess service en route, and the flight in military craft was certainly not the most comfortable travel for so long a distance. There are many other topics to choose from to pick on Governor O'Malley. If the oppoprtunity had been given to Mr. Ehrlich, I do not doubt he would have jumped at the offer.

Richard L Lelonek, Baltimore

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