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Wind farm would harm Navy testing

It's not politics but national security that's at stake in wind farm decision

As a former deputy assistant secretary of defense and past director of the Test Resource Management Center, it is clear to me that the decision to defer a final decision on the Great Bay Wind Energy Project was not a result of the political machinations of Rep. Steny Hoyer or any other political figure but an acknowledgment by both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Department of Defense that the nation's defensive posture would be negatively impacted by the Pioneer Green initiative.

The test capability that the Patuxent River facility offers the nation's defense system is unique and vital since Pax River is the Defense Department's preeminent testing ground for the Advanced Dynamic Aircraft Measurement System (ADAMS) Radar Cross Section capability. ADAMS is a radar and processing system that enables the Navy to test and evaluate both their aircraft and avionics systems including aircraft signature measurements which identify the distinctive characteristics of fixed or dynamic target sources and is essential to the development and testing of stealth aircraft technology.

Despite Andy Bowman's assertions in his recent commentary ("Politics, not safety concerns, hamper Eastern Shore wind project," Dec. 1), the Great Bay Wind Energy Project will significantly and negatively impact the Navy's ability to perform its mission as it relates to ADAMS. Both independent and Navy studies have shown the effects of wind turbines on radar systems. In short, they cannot perform critical radio frequency measurements when wind turbines are operating in the line of sight. And to date, the only proven solution to interference caused by wind turbines is to shut them down while aircraft test measurements are being performed.

Mr. Bowman claims that telegraphing the Navy's testing intentions to adversaries is "preposterous," but maintaining control of mission security (not safety) of classified testing is not the responsibility of Mr. Bowman or his company, Pioneer Green. It is the mandate and duty of Defense Department and the federal government.

Ed Greer

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