City should join in sugary drink ban

While volunteering in my neighborhood this summer, I witnessed a 2-year-old drinking a soda out of a can with a rubber sippy cup attachment. After reading your article about the launch of Howard County's ban on sugary beverages ("Howard bans sales of sugary drinks on county property," Dec. 12), I thought about this kid and what a difference it could make in his life to have a ban like this in Baltimore City.

A lot of people drink soda simply because it is more readily available and cheaper than healthier options like milk or water. I was glad to hear that Baltimore is considering a similar ban and wish to express my full support. (In fact, I'd like to take it a step further and ban soda can sippy cup attachments!)

Having healthy beverage options available on city property is a very fair and reasonable step in the right direction to help our kids have better access to the types of drinks that can support, rather than hinder, their development.

Suzanne R. Schlattman, Baltimore

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