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Fake vaccine and Kardashian pregnant, shame on us

Is it any wonder America is distrusted and held in contempt around the world?

I was unaware my tax dollars were paying for fake polio vaccination programs in Pakistan (and no doubt elsewhere). What a dreadful way to "win the hearts and minds" of a population ("A tainted polio program," Jan. 7).

A further affront to conservative societies is the manner in which our culture promotes out-of-wedlock pregnancies and adulterous entanglements like Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West ("Kim and Kanye, the latest to put marriage last," Jan. 7). In some countries, even today, she and her lover would have been stoned. So many of our preening epithets like "American exceptionalism" and "shining city on a hill" should be stricken from the lexicon!

These two stories make me ashamed.

R. N. Ellis, Baltimore

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