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Bongino for Mikulski's seat

Who should succeed Mikulski? Republicans deserve a chance.

I know it is still early, but so far only Rep. Chris Van Hollen, a Montgomery County Democrat, and Rep. Donna Edwards, a Democrat from Prince George's County, have announced they plan to run for Maryland's open seat in the U.S. Senate ("Geography will play a role in Md. Senate race," March 16).

This does not give Maryland voters any real good choice to make things better in Maryland. Marylanders made the right choice when they elected Larry Hogan, a Republican, as governor. Now let's look forward and hope for the right choice for the Senate to improve our representation.

What we need are a couple of politically conservative GOP candidates to toss their hats in the ring. I would like to see Dan Bongino, the former U.S. Secret Service agent, announce he will run. He would not only provide real trusted leadership but he would also provide real solutions in Congress which is sadly lacking them now.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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