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Tax breaks are divisive

What happens if Hogan gets his targeted tax breaks? The rest of us have to carry more of the load.

The commentary opposing the proposed tax breaks for corporate donations that help pay for private school tuition by Sara Love of the ACLU of Maryland strikes me as another example of how our new governor acts to ensure his re-election in four years by picking "winners" with his politically-motivated policy decisions ("No private school funding," April 9). People need to recognize that this program of picking winners also creates losers, as the writer points out.

On a broader scale, when the governor proposes to give tax breaks to select groups, he is shifting the burden of these selective breaks to the broader population. Fewer taxpayers are expected to carry the full load, and many are losing services.

In a society plagued and poorly served by inequality, policies that serve to advance inequality should be rejected. Government should have better purposes than advancing divisiveness among Americans.

Joseph Costa, Baltimore

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