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Md. is great for retirement

Why not retire in Maryland? There are plenty of advantages to staying here

This letter is for Gov. Larry Hogan and those considering retirement in the great state of Maryland ("Hogan misses the difference between campaigning and governing," Feb. 4).

My wife and I moved back to Maryland after we retired. There are many considerations for settling down in a location to enjoy retirement and plan for the years ahead. Cost of living is certainly one but is far from the only one. We chose to live in Maryland for a variety of reasons. There are many amenities, programs and facilities here that enrich our retirement lives and provide us with security and a healthy life.

The many parks and walking trails encourage an active lifestyle. There are wonderful choices for fine arts and entertainment, many free, and all are of the highest caliber. There are many intercollegiate and scholastic sports to enjoy along with the occasional trip to Camden Yards. Nationally recognized local community colleges provide a way to engage our minds in constructive learning. There are many opportunities for volunteer community service through a full range of well-run non-profits.

The diverse demographic of our state provides centers of worship for all faiths to channel the need for spiritual growth and the support of a caring community. The state's medical facilities are recognized throughout the country as models for progressive, high-quality care. The long-term care centers are top-rated and of great variety in cost and amenities. There are almost endless choices of good regional and ethnic restaurants to tempt our palates. I could go on and on.

If you are planning for retirement, I encourage you to join the thousands of other Marylanders who have stayed here or moved here. Suffice it to say, Maryland is a great place for retirement, Governor Hogan. Let's all work to keep it that way!

Ron Gunderson, Ellicott City

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