Pastry gun incident calls for a serious sit-down with parents, therapist

"This kid was just as imaginative and is just as adventurous as Steve Jobs was at the age of 7," said the attorney for the boy suspended from school after he nibbled a gun-shaped Pop-Tart ("Appeal filed in 7-year-old's suspension over pastry," March 19).

I really don't believe Steve Jobs ever bit a pastry into the shape of a gun and then pointed it at other students.

What the boy's attorney, and more importantly, his parents should be doing is sitting down with the 7-year-old and asking him what was going through his mind when he made the shape of a gun and pointed it at his classmates as if it were a game.

Or maybe a therapist should be asking this question, since the parents don't seem to be qualified.

Joseph Kortash, Catonsville

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