If the economy isn't as rosy as it should be, blame the GOP [Letter]

What world is Peter Morici living in if he thinks Congress ever gave Obama what he wants?

Commentator Peter Morici's recent column on President Barack Obama's job numbers is a real flight of fancy ("The economy under Obama is not as rosy as numbers suggest," Oct. 7).

They key line in the essay reads: "The president likes to blame Republicans in Congress for slow economic progress, but Congress gave him much of what he wanted during his first five years."

Oh, really? Where was Mr. Morici on election night in 2010, when the Republican Party captured the House of Representatives? Where was he when that great patriot, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, declared a mere 24 hours after the president was sworn in 2009 that his overriding mission was to torpedo the Obama presidency?

Where has House Speaker John Boehner been with respect to the passage of immigration reform or legislation to address climate change. And what about the hundreds of unfilled positions in the executive branch and in our federal courts?

Mr. Obama can be faulted on a number of counts — especially his failure to prosecute the big bankers who nearly destroyed our economy — but ignoring a compliant Congress was definitely not one of them.

Joe Garonzik, Baltimore

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