Obama has U.S. moving backward [Letter]

Obama is moving the country forward? That's a laugh.

I read with disbelief a letter writer's premise that President Barack Obama has kept the country moving forward ("Obama has kept the country moving forward," Oct. 13). Apparently, she has not noted the international messes that we have created with fewer allies but many coddled enemies. We have only to mention a few — the continuing conflict in Libya, the disaster in Syria, the almost complete nuclear bomb program in Iran and the rise of ISIL in Iraq and Syria. On the domestic front, there has been little movement as President Obama is unwilling to compromise with a Republican House or even the Republican minority in the Senate, demanding his own way or none at all.

Overseas, the U.S. has lost respect and alienated its friends. Unfortunately, the president came into office with only minimal experience, both domestically and in foreign policy, and it shows.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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