Why the Republican brand is suffering

Your article abut the Republican Party's recent exercise in self-criticism was fascinating ("GOP study: Party alienates," March 19).

Apparently, Republican big-wigs refuse to recognize that it is their principles, not just their candidates, that have been rejected by a majority of Americans.

As long as their party maintains positions that are anti-worker, anti-women, anti-gays and anti-immigrant, and as long as they appear to despise poor folks, suppress minority voting and oppose civil liberties, the party will continue to lose elections. Ditto for its support of millionaires, multinational corporations and Wall Street manipulators.

Republicans at one time attracted a majority with values that appealed largely to the white, Anglo-Saxon country club crowd that ruled the country. That day is long gone.

We now have an increasing population of non-whites and Hispanics, and a new generation of vibrant, progressive young people are coming out to vote. These folks will not support the product being peddled by the GOP

Jack Kinstlinger, Baltimore

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