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Open primaries for every state

Everyone should register Independent

I was waiting to see how long it would take after a Republican victory in Maryland for the gerrymandering argument to pop up again, and it wasn't long at all ("Stop the gerrymandering," Dec. 2).

Letter writer Thomas Ferraro has the right argument in the wrong state. Not a single national election has ever turned on Maryland's vote. Maybe Pennsylvania's, Ohio's, Florida's or, my favorite for gerrymandering purposes, Texas. There is only a single seat at risk in Maryland, and it is nauseating the lengths they go to in order to manipulate it.

You ask how Texas got on my list since they are always on the red side? The answer can be seen in the seating of delegates at the Democratic National Convention. It baffles my mind that the Democrats' largest representation is mute. If you want to complain about gerrymandering, go to Texas.

What needs to be done is to change the national rules so that independents can vote in the primary of their choice. Once this rule is in place everyone can register as independents and with every election we can ask both parties what our vote is worth to them — instead of letting them sell out our government and our vote to the highest bidders.

Steven Davidson, New Windsor

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