Football means little juxtaposed to Newtown

As a lifelong subscriber to The Sun, I don't often submit a letter to the editor, but I wanted to express my disappointment in the newspaper for the poor taste exhibited by the front page on Dec. 17. One of the most somber moments in American history headlined the newspaper with a small photo of President Barack Obama addressing an interfaith vigil at Newtown High School following the horrific massacre of 20 first-graders and 6 school staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Directly under the story was a larger photo of a dejected Ravens fan, covering his face at M&T Bank Stadium witnessing the Ravens being defeated by the Denver Broncos.

How inappropriate to have a photo of like that from a game played by men in the same page as a story that relates to the senseless and tragic loss of life. Although I love the Ravens, the loss of a football game is very trivial in comparison with the loss of lives that has both crushed the spirit and angered this nation. That photo belongs on the sports page. I'm disappointed that better judgment was exercised by your newspaper.

Glenn Carr, Annapolis

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