Lawyers biggest winners in Exxon case

Of the articles I have read about the Exxon-Mobil station leak of 2006, it seems like every other paragraph mentions the $1.5 billion awarded to the 160 families involved in the class action suit and the amount that some families will receive. Some will receive a lot more than others because they suffered more. But of the three articles I have read, not one of them mentions how much the lawyers stand to gain out of the settlement. I hope the parties involved opt for one-third to go for the lawyers.

I know it's hard to believe, but if the case goes on and on and the lawyers are being paid by the hour, the figure would be unbelievable. A one-third settlement likely cuts the lawyers' total way back.

When will these big companies ever learn to make a reasonable offer early in the proceedings thus eliminating lawyers on both sides and saving millions of dollars?

Larry Korneluk, Glen Burnie

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