Brown did everything wrong

Can a candidate do any worse than Anthony Brown's hapless campaign?

Surprise! All the money the Democrats could muster and donate to the ill-conceived and executed run by Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown who outspent his counterpart by a 5-to-1 margin proved fruitless ("Top Democrats meet to analyze what went wrong," Nov. 17)! It was not "in the bag" as so many had presumed.

Although Maryland is primarily a Democratic state, there is just so much that even the die-hards who vote a strict party line will tolerate before they finally rebel. Several fellow Democrats tried to advise Mr. Brown to clean up his act and address the issues instead of his incessant attacks on his Republican counterpart, which consisted of half-truths and innuendo based partially on comments he may have made decades prior. The public was fed up with his spin of that broken record, and it was spilling over into even the die-hard Democrats to the extent that they just didn't feel supportive enough to bother to even go to the polls and vote. I also suspect that a number of those votes cast for Larry Hogan represented more of a vote against Mr. Brown.

Personally, outside of his incessant tirades against Mr. Hogan, the only thing I can remember that Mr. Brown forwarded in the way of a "plan" was supporting preschool for 4-year-olds. I also suspect that the support Mr. Brown received from President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton and their respective wives was a negative and also probably hurt Hillary Clinton in any future run she may make. Mr. Hogan did not defeat Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown defeated Mr. Brown!

All too many also remembered Mr. Brown's miserable performance in trying to set up the Maryland health exchange website, spending millions of dollars on software that in the end had to be scrapped and even more millions buying the plans of another state, a humiliating event. Other than that fiasco, I can't remember one positive accomplishment he made at lieutenant governor. And incidentally, wasn't it curious that on Election Day, Gov. Martin O'Malley was nowhere in sight? I'm guessing Mr. Brown's loss hasn't helped our governor's presidential hopes.

I don't know what the future holds for Mr. Brown, but I would suggest he might consider writing a book. I even have a title for him, "The Dummy's Guide on How Not to Run for Public Office."

Frank Richardson, Carney

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