How Republicans are ruining America

GOP is out to kill freedom, health care, environment and economic prosperity in the U.S.

On the national level, the cost of citizens not voting is quickly becoming apparent. Economically, the seeds of the next recession have been sown by the Republican weakening of financial controls so once again the greedy of Wall Street can gamble on dangerous financial derivatives with failure covered by taxpayers.

Environmentally, Republicans embrace fossil fuel inspired science and look to increase the utilization of coal as an energy generator. This supply is known to decimate the surrounding environment, pollute the water and increase the soot in which we breathe. We can thank Republicans for our collective step back on efficient, clean energy. On health care, Republicans will try to destroy Obamacare with absolutely no policy to replace it except to have no policy. Why have good health if you do not have the funds to enjoy it in your senior years?

In two years with Republican support, America will resemble the Russian oligarchy rather than American democracy.

Alan McAllister, Severna Park

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