Online testing another example of misplaced priorities

Common Core online testing is a waste of time and money.

After reading Liz Bowie's piece on Dec. 26 ("Md. schools move toward testing via computers"), it appears Maryland is now a prime example of how the runaway costs of assessments are spiraling out of control. In yet another illustration of the "build the plane as we fly it" insanity, school systems across the state are spending millions to implement the magic bullet of Common Core: "on-line testing."

The cost in human labor to prepare and manage devices for on-line testing will be not only excessive but also unmanageable. The Maryland State Department of Education's report to the legislature mentioned the "unsustainable work load" that will be dumped on teachers in an attempt to implement on-line testing.

Our state clearly thinks that weighing the animal more frequently is more important than feeding it. With an ill-conceived commitment to Common Core testing, the scale is being built as the animals are being weighed. It is painfully obvious that the those in charge have neither the expertise nor the competence to do any more than spend thousands, if not millions, of tax-payer dollars. Meanwhile, the children are starving for a real education.

Craig Laferty

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