No need for prayers, just do your job [Letter]

I've been following the debate over the Carroll County commissioners opening their meetings with Christian prayer ("Carroll commissioners vote to halt sectarian prayers," April 8).

For some reason, there are people who can't seem to get down to business without invoking their religious beliefs. I have worked for the federal government for more than 30 years, and before that I taught in a public school for nine years. I have been to thousands of meetings and never once has anyone felt the need to open or close those meetings with a prayer.

My workplace is very diverse, and we respect each other's beliefs. I am Jewish, and over the years I have worked with Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Egyptian Copts, Ukrainian and Greek Orthodox and Mormons.

Some of my colleagues have religious items at their personal work space. Many of them wear Christmas sweaters, jewelry or neckties. We have discussed church bazaars, my daughter's Bat Mitzvah, baby christenings and other religious celebrations. My workplace offers Ash Wednesday and Good Friday services, Holocaust remembrance programs and lunch with the chaplains.

But we don't pray at work. We just get the job done.

Carol G. Rosenthal, Reisterstown

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