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Don't give a free pass to polluters, Mr. Hogan

Reversal on power plant pollution rules will cause many to suffer

I am a 79-year-old retired assistant superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools and a former resident of Dundalk. I lived and worked in the Dundalk area for over 50 years. Though I am retired, I was active in Dundalk leading community projects and civic organizations for many of those years.

I am directly affected by air pollution. I am diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and have suffered from bronchitis several times every year since childhood. As a former science teacher, I am all too aware of the health impacts of air pollution, many of which I witnessed students endure first-hand.

Gov. Larry Hogan's decision to delay common-sense environmental regulations ("Hogan moves quickly to block controversial environmental regulations," Jan. 21) will only hurt people with asthma and respiratory problems like me. My grandson, born and raised in Annapolis, has already developed asthma at the age of 13. I urge the Maryland Department of the Environment to require coal-fired power plants to clean up their act in order to protect the environment and children like my grandson. Governor Hogan, do what is right for my grandson and protect the Maryland residents you represent!

David Greenwood, Timonium

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