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News Nation/World 2016 Presidential Election Trail Guide

Hillary Clinton rejoins the campaign trail Thursday in North Carolina after taking time off to recover from pneumonia. Donald Trump heads to New Hampshire after delivering an economic speech in New York.

  • Trump continues to side-step the birther question
  • Clinton returns to campaigning and says being sidelined at home was "the last place I wanted to be"
  • Trump finally releases the letter summarizing his recent medical exam
  • Voters are already casting ballots in North Carolina, underscoring the urgency for Clinton as she returns to the trail
  • Ivanka Trump abruptly cut off an interview she didn't like

Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail after bout with pneumonia

 (Associated Press)
(Associated Press)

With a little more than 50 days until election day and votes already being cast in many states, the most precious resource a candidate has is time. So Hillary Clinton, sidelined with pneumonia since Sunday, returns to the campaign trail Thursday with some catching up to do.

The Democratic presidential nominee sets off for North Carolina, a state where ballots are already in the mail, ready to make her case again directly to voters while also seeking to dispatch renewed doubts about her candidacy.

The Clinton campaign owns up to the challenge before it. But just as it argued that her post-convention high point was never quite as high as it seemed in polls, her camp views the turbulence of the last week as not quite as dire as those on the outside — even some vocal Democrats — might make it seem.

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