Super political action committees, which can accept unlimited donations, have become a crucial lifeline for presidential candidates and can serve to extend political candidacies when their own donations, which are limited by law, start to run dry.


Donors who gave $50,000 or more

Donor Location Amount Candidate
Richard Uihlein Lake Forest $1.75 million Scott Walker
Elizabeth Uihlein Lake Forest $750,000 Scott Walker
Muneer Satter Chicago $550,000 Jeb Bush
Craig Duchossois Elmhurst $500,000 Jeb Bush
Christopher Galvin Chicago $265,000 Jeb Bush
Byron Trott Winnetka $260,178 Jeb Bush
Kenneth Griffin Chicago $200,000 Marco Rubio
Ronald Gidwitz Chicago $100,000 Jeb Bush
Michael Keiser Chicago $100,000 Jeb Bush
J. Christopher Reyes Des Plaines $100,000 Jeb Bush
Patrick G. Ryan Sr. Winnetka $100,000 Jeb Bush
Ted Schwartz Chicago $100,000 Jeb Bush
William Strong Chicago $100,000 Jeb Bush
Carl Thoma Chicago $100,000 Jeb Bush
Bruce White Chicago $100,000 Jeb Bush
MacLean-Fogg Co. Mundelein $100,000 Jeb Bush
Silverman Investments LLC. Chicago $100,000 Jeb Bush
David Herro Chicago $100,000 Marco Rubio
Reeve Waud Chicago $97,004 Jeb Bush
Kimberly Duchossois Oak Brook $50,000 Jeb Bush
Richard Duchossois Barrington $50,000 Bobby Jindal
Mary Galvin Barrington $50,000 Jeb Bush
Michael Galvin Chicago $50,000 Jeb Bush
Scott Miller Tinley Park $50,000 Jeb Bush
Patrick G. Ryan Jr. Chicago $50,000 Jeb Bush
Alexander Stuart Lake Forest $50,000 Jeb Bush
Tina Trott Winnetka $50,000 Jeb Bush
Ryan Enterprises Group Chicago $50,000 Jeb Bush

Source: Federal Election Commission records