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Washington Post news service removes story about Harvard astronomer's theory

The Washington Post News Service & Syndicate has asked that news organizations remove the story that discussed the possibility that an alien ship may be among us, quoting an astronomer.

The news service also issued this correction:

A Washington Post story on Harvard professor Avi Loeb mischaracterized the statement North Carolina State University astrophysicist Katie Mack made to the Verge about why an astrophysicist might publish a theory he doesn't believe to be true. It should have said:

North Carolina State University astrophysicist Katie Mack suggested to the Verge that Loeb was engaging in a common practice in which an astrophysicist poses a theory that they might not believe. "Sometimes you write a paper about something that you don't believe to be true at all, just for the purpose of putting out there," she told the publication.

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