It's shaping up to be an interesting election

It's always interesting to watch the filings pour in as we approach the filing deadline to run for office. The filing period in Maryland closed on Tuesday night at 9 PM, and there are a lot of interesting things that I see that will make for an intriguing couple of months.

  • Libertarian Renaissance: The Libertarian Party putting up a candidate for attorney general for the first time that I can remember, in additon to fielding a gubernatorial candidate as well as several state and local level candidates.
  • Primary Challengers: Incumbent state senators being challenged in the primary election in 18 of 47 legislative districts; incumbent county executives facing primary challenges in thre of our largest counties: Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Montgomery.
  • Famous Names: Warren Christopher, Michael Jackson and Richard Simmons are among the names voters will be able to support.
  • Party switchers: State Senate candidate John Bishop (District 8), and House candidates John Moran (District 31), Mark Chang (District 32) and Tom Angelis (District 33) are among the failed Republican candidates who have abandoned the Republican Party for the purpose of following their selfish interests to run as Democrats.
  • Crowded Houses: In District 31B there are eight candidates in the Republican Primary alone, including the House Minority Leader Nic Kipke, controversial Delegate Don Dwyer, as well as a former Libertarian candidate for Congress, a former Republican candidate for Congress, a former Democratic businessman, and the daughter of the incumbent state senator.
  • Interesting Influences: In the chaotic primary elections in Anne Arundel County Council District 5, former Constitution Party presidential candidate Michael Peroutka is running as a Republican while former Constitution Party delegate candidate David Whitney is running as a Democrat. Both are associated with the controversial Institute on the Constitution, which my Red Maryland colleague Mark Newgent has written extensively about.

The Maryland State Board of Elections website gives you quick and easy access to peruse the list of candidates at your leisure. 

 In the coming weeks the editors at Red Maryland will be announcing additional primary election endorsements. Today, the editors have endorsed Larry Hogan for Governor, William Campbell for Comptroller, Delegate Michael Hough for State Senate in District 4, and Darren Wigfield for Delegate in District 3B.

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