Santa Claus wins Maryland -- in a way

The official, certified results of Maryland's 2012 presidential election are in, and the the winner is Santa Claus -- at least among the write-in candidates.

Apparently an actual person who lives in Nevada, Claus garnered 625 votes from people who took the trouble to scrawl in his name. That leaves the political independent far behind President Barack Obama, who received 1,677,844, but put him well ahead of the next-best write-in: former U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party, with 418.

Claus ran particularly strongly in Baltimore County, where 151 voters believed in him, and Anne Arundel County, where 96 had faith. He received a  more Grinch-like reception in much populous Prince George's and Montgomery counties, where he received 62 votes combined. Worcester was the only county where he received no votes.

(Look for some coal in Washington suburban stockings. Ocean City, brace for a nor'easter.)

By the way, the final percentages in the main contest came to 62 percent for Obama and 35.9 percent for Mitt Romney.

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