Balto. Co. Council to discuss pension-overtime bill

At their work session this afternoon, Baltimore County Council members plan to discuss a proposal by County Executive Kevin Kamenetz that would end the practice of using overtime to calculate pensions for members of AFSCME, the union that represents workers in the Department of Public Works and other agencies.

Last week, AFSCME threatened to file an unfair labor practices complaint, saying that the issue is being discussed in negotiations.  

Kamenetz’s administration calls the proposal a way to save taxpayer dollars, saying that AFSCME workers are getting “an arbitrary perk that sweetens pension benefits for a single class of employees.”

The administration says the bill would save $502,000 a year, based on the amount of overtime worked by AFSCME members. But a fiscal analysis prepared by the county auditor’s office put the figure much lower -- $200,000 annually.

Kamenetz has been criticized for his own pension deal, which lets him bank his pension from his time as county councilman while earning new benefits and drawing a salary from his current position. His administration also is seeking a controversial measure in Annapolis to limit retirement benefits for county employees who once worked for the state and other local governments.  

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