Donahoo tells radio station he's considering a run for mayor

Scott Donahoo, a former car salesman known for his boisterous television commercials, told a local radio station that he is giving "serious consideration" to a run for mayor next year, joining an already crowded field of potential candidates.

Scott Donahoo told Jimmy Mathis of WBAL radio that as mayor, he would drastically cut property taxes and increase the city's police presence.

"We have lost a tremendous amount of the police department due to the failed policies of previous administrations and current administration," Donahoo said during the interview.

Though he still has a home in Cockeysville, Donahoo said he established a residence in Baltimore earlier this year.

The owner of several car dealerships in the city until the end of 2008, Donahoo was known for commercial gimmicks such as having his car salesman sing back-up vocals while he pleaded with viewers to buy his cars.

But that "wacky commercial persona," Donahoo told Mathis, doesn't reflect how he would govern.

"That's a persona that is played on TV," he said. "I was born in this city, I went to school here, and I've been in business here for thirty years."

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