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What happens next with counting the final votes in Maryland's primary election?

Maryland’s primary election day has come and gone, but the election is not over.

The results of some races are still unknown, with tens of thousands of absentee ballots and an unknown number of provisional ballots yet to be counted. And all of those ballots must be counted before election results are finalized.

Here’s a look at what happens next:

Thursday: Local elections boards will begin counting the absentee ballots they’ve already received, starting at 10 a.m. As of Monday, elections officials had mailed 30,923 Democratic absentee ballots and received 14,269 back. For Republicans, 8,854 ballots were sent out and 4,586 received. There also were 2,308 ballots sent out to unaffiliated and third-party voters, who can vote in some nonpartisan local races such as school boards. A total of 476 of those ballots had been returned.

July 5: Local elections boards will review and count provisional ballots. This may be more time-consuming than absentee counts, because officials must review each ballot to see if the voter was eligible to vote before actually tallying the result. It’s not yet known how many provisional ballots were cast on Tuesday. There was concern that more provisional ballots would be cast, because as many as 80,000 voters who updated their registration over the past year did not have their information sent from the Motor Vehicle Administration to the Maryland State Board of Elections.

July 6: Local elections boards will hold a second absentee canvass to count any remaining absentee ballots, such as those mailed from overseas and military voters. Once completed, local elections boards must transmit their results to the state.

July 9: Deadline for the state to certify the election results. This also is the deadline to petition for a recount of a local race.

July 12: This is the deadline to petition for a recount of the results of a state office.

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