In ad, Vicki Almond says she would 'move Baltimore County forward' as executive

Baltimore County Councilwoman Vicki Almond is airing her first television ad in the race for the Democratic nomination for county executive.

The 30-second ad introduces the Reisterstown woman to potential voters.

What the ad says: A male narrator opens by asking: “How do we move Baltimore County forward?”

The screen flashes to an image of Almond walking hand-in-hand down a sidewalk with two girls, as the narrator answers: “Vicki Almond knows.”

A series of images rolls across the screen, showing Almond talking with a police officer in a school, talking with children, looking over paperwork and chatting with a couple in a cafe. The ad notes her endorsements from the county’s teachers and police unions.

The narrator says that Almond was raised by a single mother. As a PTA president, “she helped put trained police officers in our schools.”

As a councilwoman, Almond “focused on neighborhoods,” “led the fight against dangerous drugs” and “delivered record school funding,” the ad says.

It closes with promises to fight for safer schools and expanded pre-kindergarten.

The closing line is: “Vicki Almond: Moving Baltimore County forward.”

The facts: Almond was raised by a single mother in Catonsville and became an activist when her children were in school.

She was deeply involved in the effort to start Baltimore County’s school resource officer program in the late 1990s and has been honored for that work.

The ad’s claim of “leading the fight against dangerous drugs” likely refers to Almond’s successfully sponsoring a bill in 2014 that banned the synthetic marijuana commonly called “spice.”

As for the claim of delivering record school funding, Almond and the rest of the council have approved county budgets that increased school funding. She also has voted for budgets that support the county’s $1.3 billion “Schools for Our Future” campaign to build and renovate dozens of aging school buildings.

Analysis: The ad makes truthful claims about Almond’s record that serve to highlight her key issues of education and public safety. The imagery leans toward school-like settings, consistent with her message.

Her rivals’ ads give more emphasis to their political party. State Sen. Jim Brochin claims he’s “the real Democrat” in the race, while former state Del. Johnny Olszewski calls himself “the progressive Democrat” running for county executive.

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