Chelsea Clinton campaigns for her mom across Maryland

Chelsea Clinton hopes presidential battle with energize voters for down-ballot contests.

Chelsea Clinton made a quick swing through Maryland on Thursday, campaigning on behalf of her mother at a brewery, a library and a jobs center.

Overall, Hillary Clinton, who is running to be the Democratic nominee for president, is polling well ahead of her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in Maryland. But Clinton's campaign has struggled to generate the kind of enthusiasm Sanders has stoked up among young voters.

But Chelsea Clinton, who is 36, said in a phone interview that she didn't feel the generation gap at events Thursday in Silver Spring, Beltsville and Randallstown

"She's always stood with and fought for the young," Clinton said of her mother.

Maryland has several high profile Democratic primary races — including a hard fought battle to take over the seat Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski is vacating — that will be decided at the polls on Tuesday. Clinton said that she hopes the protracted presidential primary battle, which has made Maryland's votes unusually important, will help energize Democratic voters for down-ballot races as well.

"Really if we want to see the country we want to live in, we have to support candidates who represent our values at every level," she said. "It's so important if we're going to protect the progress President Obama has made."

Other candidates for the presidency have also campaigned in Maryland in recent days, with Republicans Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich all making visits this week.

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