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Crisfield crab pot maker to be recognized at White House

The Trump White House has learned at least one thing about the State of Maryland: It never hurts to highlight a blue crab business in the middle of the summer.

Representatives from Heath’s Crab Pots in Crisfield will be on hand at the White House on Monday for an event touting American made products and manufacturing, officials said.

Details of the event were slim, but the White House said Vice President Mike Pence, members of the cabinet and lawmakers will join President Donald Trump for the event.

“By offering each state the opportunity to showcase a Made In America product, President Trump reaffirms this administration’s commitment to further encourage manufacturing in the United States that will further stimulate the economy and create jobs,” the White House said in a statement announcing the event.

Heath's Crab Pots opened more than four decades ago and is the largest manufacturer of pots in the Chesapeake region.



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