Gov. Larry Hogan 'feels great' after leaving hospital

Gov. Larry Hogan will return to work Thursday after five days in the hospital for chemotherapy.

Gov. Larry Hogan returned to Annapolis Thursday after five days in the hospital for chemotherapy, he said.

A Hogan spokesman said Wednesday that Hogan had returned home. On Thursday, Hogan posted on Facebook: "It feels great to be back in Annapolis! I spent the morning catching up with my staff and working hard for the people of Maryland!"

Hogan, who has taken to Facebook to update the public on his status in the past week, added photos of himself and staff in meetings.

Hogan posted an upbeat message on his Facebook page Wednesday morning saying he was "doing great" as he entered his fifth day of 24-hour chemotherapy for Stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

"I've had meetings, made tons of calls, caught up on paperwork, reviewed recommendations, made decisions, appointed several hundred individuals, and reviewed proposed budget reductions in every agency," he reported.

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