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Martin O'Malley covers Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood'

Martin O'Malley made the rounds on TV Monday and Tuesday, and covered Taylor Swift on The View.

Martin O'Malley made an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Monday night.

On Tuesday, O'Malley played guitar while on The View. His song choice: Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."

Here's the clip on YouTube.

Here's a look at what publications are saying about the former Maryland governor and his outlook as a Democratic presidential candidate:


Asked by host Trevor Noah what had changed since his endorsement of Clinton in the 2008 presidential election, O'Malley responded that "as our times change, as our challenges change, I believe that new leadership is required," and he argued that "I represent our better days."

Talking Points Memo

"I feel like I should have added to your credentials: Governor, Presidential candidate and sexiest candidate, according to Twitter,” Noah said.

"When the average age of the other contenders is over 60, that’s not a hard thing to achieve," O'Malley said.


Noah went a little “fan boy,” calling O’Malley handsome and saying that during the debate, “O’Malley would look down the lens… and look into my eyes.” Noah told him that if he could vote, “I would vote for you.” O’Malley joked that Noah is probably the only immigrant excited about Donald Trump.


O’Malley says really lovely things, but it’s hard to feel that he means them; he’s almost too polished, too nice, too platonic-ideal-of-a-candidate. Almost everything he said to Noah was carefully on point—which both advanced the image he wanted to present of himself, but also advanced the general impression of his demeanor as rehearsed and couched in spin. Most of Noah’s questions gave him an opportunity to fall back onto certain studied phrases, and though both O’Malley and the audience were very pleased to finally get the ideas out, all told, it’s just a really reasonable platform without any fireworks or tenuous connections to reality.

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