Bernie Sanders endorsed by Maryland activists

Aaron Maybin and Kwame Rose among social justice advocates backing Sanders.

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign announced support Thursday from several civil rights advocates in Baltimore, including Aaron Maybin and Kwame Rose.

Maybin is a former NFL linebacker and founder of Project Mayhem. Rose is a prominent Baltimore activist who has been involved in the protests following the death of Freddie Gray last year.

"In the midst of a race dominated by divisive antics, and candidates appealing to their self-interests in lieu of what's best for the American people, sincerity and honesty are the cornerstones of Sen. Sanders' historic candidacy," the activists wrote in an internet posting.

"As criminal justice reformers, we stand with Sen. Sanders because he’s fervently committed to ending mass incarceration and increasing equity in the justice system, reflected in his more than three decades of standing at the forefront of inequality and his courage to hold violators of justice accountable," they wrote.

Sanders is the only presidential candidate -- aside from former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley -- who has visited West Baltimore as part of the campaign. Sanders toured Sandtown-Winchester in December. Old Line State voters will head to the polls on April 26.

Other Maryland advocates backing Sanders include: Anthony Johnson, Calvin Young, ShaiVaugh Crawley, James Williams, Donna Brown, Joshua Harris, Megan Kenny, Keanuu Smith-Brown, Chris Wilson, Dejuan Patterson and Rashad Staton.

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