Park Heights community leader to run for state senate against Gladden

The Baltimore Sun

A Park Heights community leader announced this week he is running for state senate against incumbent Lisa Gladden.

Will Hanna, president of The New Park Heights Community Development Corporation, Inc., served 11 years in the U.S. Army's Special Operations Command, including a combat tour during Operation Desert Storm. 

"I have been a fighter all my life; for my family, for my country and now for the residents of the 41st district," Hanna, 42, said in a statement.

Hanna, who ran unsuccessfully in 2010 for a state delegate seat, has been outspoken about state funds for Park Heights, questioning whether they have been used wisely. 

Park Heights is the only Baltimore neighborhood that receives dedicated funding from the state racetrack fund. For years, the state provided the neighborhood with an average of about $550,000 annually in racetrack impact funds, before discontinuing that funding in 2012. 

In 2011, the state also pledged about $2 million more to Park Heights from slots impact funds, but reduced this amount to $450,000 once funds from gambling came in lower than projected.

Gladden, 49, has been a state senator for 10 years. Recently, she voted for repealing the state's death penalty and helped lead the charge for new gun control measures.


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