Blown over by wind? Workers' comp claims take many forms

The Baltimore Sun has recently reviewed hundreds of workers' compensation claims at government agencies in the area. Many were quite serious: Teachers were frequently assaulted in schools; police were often injured on the city's dangerous streets; firefighters were burnt rushing into blazing buildings.

But other claims were somewhat less compelling. Government employees are eligible to file for compensation if they are hurt on the job, and that can happen in many ways. Here are some of the oddest filings we spotted:

•An Anne Arundel County government worker filed a claim after a "big gust of wind knocked her off her feet and she fell over backwards."

•A Harford County maintenance worker filed a claim after attempting to get gasoline while on the job: "Reached for fuel cap, turned it, felt pop in left ring finger."

•A Baltimore city worker filed an overexertion claim, alleging that he was standing "monitoring car wash when he started to have pain in right knee."

•A Howard County jail employee filed after reporting that he "injured his knee while attempting to run from a raccoon."

—Luke Broadwater

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