Unsettled Journeys:

About this series

For eight months, Baltimore Sun reporter Liz Bowie and photographer Amy Davis followed a handful of immigrant students at Patterson High School as they tried to make a new life in America. The reporter and photographer spent weeks inside the school, met with families in their homes and used translators when needed to understand the students’ journeys.

Part One: Refugees who have arrived in Baltimore from war-torn countries are carrying psychic wounds, trauma that makes it hard to succeed in the classroom, and in their new lives in America.

Part Two: The wave of teenagers who fled violence in their Central American countries find their way forward in the United States is complicated by family heartbreak, legal issues and pressure to drop out of school and work.

Part Three: A new wave of refugees, often from far-flung countries, is landing in Patterson High School without the ability to read or write. They face a tough journey to get to high school graduation.

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