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No. 3 Glenelg wrestling dismantles No. 12 Hammond to win fourth straight county dual title

Tim Schwartz
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That Glenelg would finish the year as Howard County dual champions for the fourth straight time wouldn’t have been a big surprise to anyone at the start of the season. The Gladiators have been the class of the league since 2015, and after a 9-0 start to the county schedule they entered the day winners of 42 straight dual meets against county foes.

Few have threatened Glenelg during that stretch, but one team — Hammond — came agonizingly close to ending the streak a year ago in a three-point defeat. On Tuesday, however, the Gladiators made sure the statement was clear: Howard County belongs to them.

No. 3 Glenelg clicked on all cylinders and wrestled its best match of the season, dismantling the No. 12 Golden Bears by winning 12 of 14 bouts in a 55-5 victory to earn at least a share of a fourth straight county title and remain undefeated on the season. A string of 10 consecutive wins, five of which were decided by three points or less, turned what many expected to be a tight match into a decisive blowout.

A victory over winless Wilde Lake on Jan. 29 would cap the Gladiators’ (10-0 Howard County, 19-0 overall) fourth straight undefeated county campaign.

“We just kind of told everyone that we’re a step above everybody in the county,” said senior state champion Jared Thomas, whose pin at 145 pounds extended the lead to 20. “We’ve proved that all year, but this right here kind of proved it because they had beaten everybody this year, too.”

Glenelg coach Matt Bichner admitted he never expected a 50-point win against a team as good as Hammond (8-1, 24-3). But he has also seen steady improvement from his squad throughout the season and knew there weren’t any bouts where his grapplers could be counted out. What transpired was nearly a perfect storm.

“We weren’t expecting to win all the ones we did but our guys really stepped up and wrestled tough,” said Bichner. “Some of them were losing and they came back and won it in the third period. That’s where we try to shine and the guys really came and did that today. I’m really happy with the way they wrestled.”

After splitting a pair of decisions to start the match, Tino Campanile (120) set the tone for what was to come. Down 2-0 in the third period, he tied the match against Keneth Rios with a takedown, and then in overtime he scored another to win, 4-2.

A major decision from Kevin Hansberger (126) pushed the lead to 10-2 after a team point was taken from Hammond for unsportsmanlike conduct, and Reed Kraemer (132) mirrored Campanile and secured a reversal with 10 seconds left to beat Brayan Rios, 4-2. The rout was on after another close victory from Trey Fleece (138), a pin from Thomas and another third-period comeback from Nick Kingsbury (152), who locked up a cradle with 20 seconds left to score two points and win, 5-4.

“They don’t have very many holes,” Hammond coach Will Yeo said. “Them weighing in [Fleece and Thomas] at 138 gave me a little bit of concern and that was obviously a pretty good move on their part. But we lost five matches where we scored the first points and five matches by three or less, and you’re not going to beat anybody good if you can’t pull off some of those wins.”

Several of Glenelg’s top guns — Jacob Jones (160), Drew Sotka (170) and Sam Alsheimer (195) — won by fall, and adding a forfeit to Jake Arnone (182) the lead ballooned to 49-2. Only a decision from Hammond’s county and regional champion Loic Tueguo (220) temporarily slowed the bleeding, but fittingly the Gladiators got the last laugh when heavyweight Charlie Whitsett overcame a 6-2 third-period deficit and pinned Jusiyah Harper in 4:49.

“We’re tough to beat up and down our lineup ... and you need 14 guys to win a state dual title,” said Bichner, referring to his team falling short against Damascus two years in a row in the state duals final. “To have [Campanile, Kraemer and Kingsbury] wrestling well and winning close matches against tough kids, it just helps us get better and push us toward the end of the year and hopefully make another run.”

No. 3 Glenelg (10-0 county, 19-0 overall) — 55, No. 12 Hammond (8-1, 24-3) — 5

106: David Ridenour (G) dec. Jabari Pinkney (Ha), 9-4 [3-0]

113: Shehzan Dahya (Ha) dec. Andres Lopez Campos (G), 1-0 [3-3]

120: Tino Campanile (G) dec. Keneth Rios (Ha), 4-2 OT [6-3]

126: Kevin Hansberger (G) major dec. Keiron Wilson (Ha), 12-2 [10-2]*132: Reed Kraemer (G) dec. Brayan Rios (Ha), 4-2 [13-2]

138: Trey Fleece (G) dec. Chris Alvarenga (Ha), 14-11 [16-2]

145: Jared Thomas (G) pinned Micah Nowlin (Ha), 1:26 [22-2]

152: Nick Kingsbury (G) dec. Elliott Bauer (Ha), 5-4 [25-2]

160: Jacob Jones (G) pinned Nolan Desheilds (Ha), 2:37 [31-2]

170: Drew Sotka (G) pinned Shamar Laing (Ha), 3:49 [37-2]

182: Jake Arnone (G) fft. [43-2]

195: Sam Alsheimer (G) pinned Linus Sekedjah (Ha), 0:56 [49-2]

220: Loic Tueguo (Ha) dec. Massimo Conti (G), 10-4 [49-5]

285: Charlie Whitsett (G) pinned Jusiyah Harper (Ha), 4:59 [55-5]

*Hammond was deducted one team point for unsportsmanlike conduct


Mt. Hebron (4-6, 10-10) — 52, Howard (2-8, 4-15) — 19

160: Chris Hallums (Ho) dec. Osman Rivas (MH), 13-6 [0-3]

170: Noah Manasterli (MH) major dec. Spencer Lefever (Ho), 12-1 [4-3]

182: Rohit Priyakumar (MH) pinned Zach Deboy (Ho), 5:15 [10-3]

195: Jake Whitlin (MH) fft. [16-3]

220: Buddy Penguin (Ho) fft. [16-9]

285: Ritchy Pierre (Ho) fft. [16-15]

106: Nick Machiran (MH) fft. [22-15]

113: Aamil Vahora (MH) dec. Kenny Ling (Ho), 5-0 [25-15]

120: Jack McGuire (MH) pinned John Collins (Ho), 5:05 [31-15]

126: Mahmoud Abdel-Halim (MH) dec. Maxx Keller (Ho), 4-0 [34-15]

132: Xavier Donnely (MH) pinned Alec Dean (Ho), 1:38 [40-15]

138: Khiem Doan (MH) pinned Arshia Abdi (Ho), 3:14 [46-15]

145: Bryce Kampert (MH) pinned Lucas Talon (Ho), 3:53 [52-15]

152: Shayan Kassiri (Ho) major dec. Nick Murphy (MH), 14-3 [52-19]

Reservoir (1-9, 3-26) — 48, Wilde Lake (0-9, 0-9) — 24

106: Sam Schmidt (WL) pinned Dylan Griffith (Re) [0-6]

113: Double fft. [0-6]

120: Jake Kaplan (Re) fft. [6-6]

126: Madison Bloodworth (Re) fft. [12-6]

132: Kaz Okamoto (Re) fft. [18-6]

138: Justin Lee (Re) fft. [24-6]

145: Dylan Hunter (Re) pinned Daniel Jackson (WL) [30-6]

152: Darien Haghighat (Re) fft. [36-6]

160: Victor Hartley (WL) pinned Jake Sun (Re) [36-12]

170: William Parker (WL) pinned Chi Awanto (Re) [36-18]

182: Tony Blunt (WL) fft. [36-24]

195: Segni Melaku (Re) pinned Hugo Malgar (WL) [42-24]

220: Double fft. [48-24]

285: Dylan Altman (Re) fft. [48-24]

River Hill (6-3, 19-8) — 40, Centennial (6-4, 13-7) — 34

106: Ibaad Shakih (C) major dec. Nick Bakhtiar (RH), 13-5 [0-4]

113: Chris Lee (C) pinned Aiden Mihalik (RH), 3:11 [0-10]

120: Eric Robinson (RH) dec. Nick Shapiro (C), 8-6 [3-10]

126: Jonah Richardson (RH) pinned Yousif Meheoob (C), 3:34 [9-10]

132: Will Henrickson (RH) pinned David Rina (C), 0:44 [15-10]

138: Dailen Jeng (RH) pinned Zaid Narmouq (C), 3:01 [21-10]

145: Michael Crisitello (RH) dec. Matthew Harris (C), 15-4 [25-10]

152: Jason Kraisser (C) pinned Gerardo Perez-Lopez (RH), 2:27 [25-16]

160: Charlie Schmitt (C) pinned Koulis Galapanos (RH), 5:35 [25-22]

170: Jack Island (RH) dec Wadeed Morcos (C), 6-3 [28-22]

182: Jack Sheppard (RH) pinned Yash Jon (C), 0:12 [34-22]

195: Joseph Yang (RH) pinned Matt Derme (C), 5:14 [40-22]

220: Noah Bussink (C) pinned Craig Hoffman (RH), 2:36 [40-28]

285: Nick Ye (C) pinned Angel Rivera (RH), 0:40 [40-34]

River Hill — 36, Northeast — 29

113: Collin Cook (NE) pinned Aiden Mihalik (RH), 3:09 [0-6]

120: Eric Robinson (RH) dec. Michael Carns (NE), 8-1 [3-6]

126: Owen Schmitt (NE) major dec. Jonah Richardson (RH), 16-7 [3-10]

132: Will Henrickson (RH) fft. (NE), [9-10]

138: Bily Katzenherger (NE) dec. Dailen Jeng (RH), 4-0 [9-13]

145: Michael Crisitello (RH) pinned Jade Mason (C), 5;20 [15-13]

152: Thomas Gargano (NE) major dec. Gerardo Perez-Lopez (RH), 15-6 [15-17]

160: Koulis Galapanos (RH) dec. Brandon Young (NE), 11-6 [18-17]

170: Jack Island (RH) pinned Josh Arnold (NE), 0:36 [24-17]

182: Jack Sheppard (RH) fft. [30-17]

195: Jason Arnold (NE) pinned Joseph Yang (RH), 0:47 [30-23]

220: Craig Hoffman (RH) fft. [36-23]

285: Damien Devoter (NE) dec. Angel Rivera (RH), 6-2 [36-26]

106: Jeisel Delerme-Sanchez (NE) dec. Nick Bakhtiar (RH), 9-7 [36-29]

Oakland Mills (9-1, 15-4) — 41, Atholton (6-4, 11-7) — 27

113: A. Tamai (OM) pinned C. Burt (A), 5:16 [0-6]

120: D. Pruett (A) dec. J. Cornelius (OM), 6-1 [3-6]

126: D. Panda (A) pinned I. Williams (OM), 5:32 [9-6]

132: G. Dunscomb (OM) pinned A. Healey (A), 4:40 [9-12]

138: D. Noppinger (A) dec. C. Williams (OM), 3-2 [12-12]

145: S. Harrell (OM) tech fall M. Altamarino (A), 22-7 [17-12]

152: D. Watt (OM) dec. J. Desmarais (A), 8-4 [20-12]

160: A. Morales (OM) dec. M. Rodriguez (A), 11-7 [23-12]

170: S. Billups (A) pinned S. Rivera (OM), 0:39 [23-18]

182: M. Johnson (A) dec. R. Delpo (OM), 8-3 [23-21]

195: S. Richardson (OM) fft. [29-21]

220: A. Mouafo (OM) pinned D. Nguyen (A), 2:37 [35-21]

285: E. Smith (OM) fft. [41-21]

106: P. Frazier (A) pinned J. Santiago (OM), 1:16 [41-27]




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